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Don’t listen to what I’d say about myself – nobody wants to hear that. Instead, listen to what others have said about me. Their kindness is flattering.

#1Nate Riggs, Principal & Strategist, Social Business Strategies says:

“Jake is a rare breed. He possesses incredible talent in both the strategy of SEO, as well as the actual execution of elements like tag writing, link-building and most importantly, keyword analysis, selection and monitoring. Jake can pull off all the tricks.

The success of clients like Scotts Miracle-Gro, Strategic Insurance Software, and many automotive dealerships are a direct results of Jake’s mastery of search engine marketing. Throw in his abilities in web design, blogging and other components of the social web and you have the complete package. Jake is an search marketing sniper.”

#2Eric Leslie, President, OnScene Media & Marketing says:

“Jake’s ‘warrior for the cause’ mentality in the work place is a great influence to have. He leads with his actions, is always accountable and works diligently on making sure his production is measurable…not to mention his great eye for design and detail. He’s a true asset and someone i’d work with on any project, at any time in the future.”

#3Jen Ridenour, CEO, People To My Site says:

“Basically Jake’s role at People To My Site is to deliver better traffic for our clients. Mission accomplished! He is creative, instructive, patient, and most importantly relentless about delivering results for our clients. Jake is passionate about SEO (hence the blog). He never stops thinking of ways to improve and execute with excellence.

His team is focused on consistent and reliable ways of selecting valuable keywords, recommending or implementing improvements to websites, reporting, communicating the results, and follow-through. Jake is one of those people who raises the bar for everyone at PTMS and personally motivates me to do better.”

#4Aaron Flax, Director of SEO, People To My Site says:

“First off Jake is a great guy to work with. He’s very detailed oriented and loves to dig deep into projects. He is excellent at finding out what works and what doesn’t work in the marketing world. He has a great passion for SEO and shows it in his every day job as well is managing his online persona Agent-SEO. I’ve also been impressed with his ability to create and design wonderful WordPress templates.”

#5Jason Walker, VP of Sales & Client Service, People To My Site says:

“As Jake’s colleague at People To My Site, I have been extremely impressed with the knowledge and expertise that he has instilled in the SEO organization. Jake continually implements comprehensive and effective SEO strategies for our clients that result in success metrics that are directly aligned with their core business objectives.

I am confident in our company’s abilities to deliver a highly effective SEO solution with every partnership that we develop, and that confidence is wholly attributable to Jake and his breadth of industry experience.”

#6Guy Jacks, CTO, People To My Site says:

“I’ve worked with Jake for over a year now to improve the Internet Marketing capabilities at People To My Site. I can honestly say that he is the most passionate and knowledgeable person that I have met when it comes to Search Engine Optimization.

He does a great job of keeping pace with new developments in the world of SEO. He is easy to work with because he has excellent organizational and managerial skills. He is a heavy hitter on our internet marketing team with great ideas and I am glad to have him on my team.”

#7Karin Oliver-Kreft, former Director of Marketing, People To My Site says:

“Jake is a professional that I respect and trust. He has passion about SEO – when you’re working with him you know that he truly wants the sites he’s optimizing to succeed. He’s willing to put in extra time and effort to do the job right.”

#8Robby Herbst, Search Marketing Manager, Fahlgren Mortine says:

“Jake’s ability to help clients is phenomenal. He’s extremely passionate about the SEO industry and devotes his time, effort, and experience toward ensuring successful organic rankings and performance. He even spends a great amount of his time outside work educating people about Search Engine Optimization through a very informative and professional blog, Jake is a true team leader, has taught me everything I need to know about SEO, and I would highly recommend him to any team.”

#9Mike Wright, Project Manager, Blind Acre Media says:

“Jacob is a thought leader when it comes to everything Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Social Media related. He has a deep knowledge base that he is always eager to grow, has plenty of impressive client success stories to exemplify his work and takes the reigns day-in, day-out as the fearless SEO Team Director at People To My Site.”

#10Jessica King, Project Manager, Blind Acre Media says:

“Jake knows his stuff – and I consider him to be an SEO expert. He doesn’t apply SEO tactics piecemeal or take strategy shortcuts. He even takes the time to explain the reason behind his SEO approach and and how each piece fits together. I’ve seen him do great work for our clients!”

#11Brendin King, former Account Manager, People To My Site says:

“Jake is an expert on SEO and takes pride in understanding current SEO techniques as well as constantly building upon his knowledge with additional research. Jake is someone that always rises to the occasion and it has been my pleasure to work with him.”

Thank you to everyone for your kind words. They are much appreciated!