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Digital Portfolio

In 2011, I got my first crack at developing a holistic Internet Marketing strategy for Germain of Columbus – one of the premier automotive dealership groups in Ohio. Although my core career focus is SEO, it was very fun to expand my focus to venture into other marketing arenas. I hope to add more clients to this page in the future.

Internet Marketing: Germain of Columbus

Digital Portfolio | Germain of Columbus

Company: Germain of Columbus

Type: Internet Marketing Strategy

Website: NA

Year: 2011

Summary: Germain is a highly-respected family-owned dealership group with locations in both Ohio and Florida. Their dealerships feature a broad selection of new and used vehicles including luxury, domestic, and imported brands.

In my position as Internet Marketing Director, I had the pleasure of overseeing all internet advertising activities including SEO, Social Media, Website Management & Design, and Paid Advertising for Rick Germain’s stores which include:

Through the integration of various digital strategy initiatives, we were able to increase the number of leads coming into all four dealerships each month during my tenure, as well as increased the conversion ratios of of the German Ford and Germain Nissan websites after a re-design and re-platforming.